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My way of saying thank-you for listening to a podcast, reading an article, passing along my information is to show gratitude. I am offering a "Career Search Checklist" to help in creating a job search strategy.


After 25 years of working with candidates, there are certain steps that I have seen time and time again that help job seekers increase their odds of landing their next career move. If you are stressed, and "needing" a new job then you tend to make rash decisions and regret it later. The more intentional and clear you are on what you are looking for can really help you in your search. 


This checklist is a fillable pdf that will help job seekers go through the following stages of the process:

  • Preparing to Search for a Role

  • Interview Preparation

  • Post Interview

  • Negotiation

  • Before You Start


Stop being reactionary and be prepared and diligent to find your next amazing career move! As always, if you want to chat and see if some coaching might be for you please sign up for a free consultation!

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