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Starting a job search and overwhelmed with updating your resume? Perhaps you are applying to roles you know that you are a fit for, but not getting a response?  The Resume Audit is our most popular service as it will give you a seasoned recruiter's take on how your resume is being received and more importantly, how to fix it.


Once you have completed the purchase you will submit your resume (in Word format) as if you were applying to the type of job you are targeting in your search. Strategic Talent Advisor will critique it and send you the resume back with comments on the resume and a document highlighting what you’re doing right…and wrong.


We will:

  • Assess your resume’s focus, content, and overall effectiveness at telling your story.
  • You will get a list of red flags that we see might be eliminating you from contention.
  • You will be provided with a list that helps you to understand how you can better highlight your value to the recruiters and hiring managers.



Resume Audit

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  • Strategic Talent Advisor cannot and will not answer employment law questions. We are not lawyers and will not give out legal advice.

    All sales are final. If you get a new job, change your mind, etc., after submitting payment, Strategic Talent Advisor is under no obligation to refund services.

    Strategic Talent Advisor does not guarantee success utilizing provided advice as hiring consists of many variables. This service offers an expert opinion, but again it’s still an opinion. You are under no obligation to use any information provided. Hiring is highly subjective so getting expert advice is highly recommended, but remember there is no magic bullet.

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