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When you work with Abbie, you are working with a seasoned career coach and recruiting expert with an impressive track record spanning over 25 years in the industry. Since 1996, she has been an influential figure in the recruiting world, leveraging her extensive experience to help both candidates and hiring managers achieve their goals.

Abbie has successfully placed thousands of candidates in a wide range of industries, earning her recognition as a sought-after coach. Her expertise extends across various sectors, including government contracting, software development, energy, consumer packaged goods, and many more. Over the years, she has established strong relationships with private equity firms and CEOs, working closely with them to fulfill their talent acquisition needs.

Abbie's unique perspective stems from her ability to navigate the hiring process at all levels within organizations. From the mailroom to the C-suite, she has facilitated successful placements, giving her invaluable insights into the dynamics of different roles and responsibilities. Equipped with a degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Abbie combines her academic background with her extensive practical knowledge to offer exceptional guidance. 

Whether you're a candidate looking for your dream job or a hiring manager seeking top talent, Abbie's expertise and passion for empowering others will help you make informed decisions and achieve your career objectives. With Abbie as your coach, you can confidently navigate the ever-changing landscape of the job market and unlock your full potential.
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"Abbie was a fantastic executive recruiter for me at a past company - a true partner in every sense - so, when she broke out on her own, I was thrilled to get her help when I needed a career coach. Abbie gave me the critical perspective of the recruiter when revising my resume and my LinkedIn profile, and she put me through my paces in mock interviews. Through it all, she was a supportive confidant who helped me through my journey to my dream job. I would highly recommend Abbie Martin to any executive who is ready to take the next leap forward in their career!"
Denis Brosnan

Alexa Young, CA

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